What is VR-Sweeper?

VR-Sweeper is a recreation from the classic Mine Sweeper game, designed specifically for VR devices. VR-Sweeper is designed to be very user friendly game. While playing VR-Sweeper the players can either just relax and enjoy the scenery, or compete with the other players through leader boards. Lots of things are tracked in the VR-Sweeper, so you don't necessary need to be the quickest one out there! Do you want to be the leader of most number of death? Number of shots fired? Total playtime? These and many more records are constantly tracked and updated. Let the sweeping begin!

What does VR-Sweeper offer to you?

  • Constantly updated leaderboards for various things the game tracks.
  • Sitting experience. Just sit down, grab the controller and play! No space requirements.
  • Different themes you can choose from. Every theme brings amazing new visuals for you to enjoy.
  • Real-time dynamic shadows.
  • Ability to change the quality level (from low end cards to Titan X performance)

Relaxing sitting experience!

Today almost every game is created for a room scale. But sometimes you may just want to sit down while being immersed in the VR world. With VR-Sweeper, you can finally grab your most comfortable chair, pick up the game pad controller and enjoy all the visuals and challenges the game offers.

Different themes

In VR-Sweeper, there is a wide variety of different themes you can choose from. How does it sound to sweep mines in space, while watching our planet flowing in distance? Or how about being in the middle of a fiery blizzard? Or would you rather just enjoy and do the sweeping on a beautiful ocean, while listening and watching seagulls flying around? All these, and much more is included in this fantastic recreation of the Mine Sweeper!

Check out the VR-Sweeper gameplay video!