First words.


Hello! And thank you taking interest for this tutorial section. These tutorials assumes that you a basic knowledge of the Unreal Engine and C++ or similar programming language. In these tutorials, we will go through different functions Unreal Engine provides and see how they are actually used inside the C++.

There is lot of "Unreal Magic" happening in background and  sometimes we need to play by the rules Unreal Engine has set to us. For example, Unreal Engine have lots of Macros that we need to use to get the elements inside our code to actually be visible inside the Editor. We will go through these as we progress in our tutorials

Compiling times and Visual Studio.

If you are using Visual Studio like me, you may get really frustrated with the editor. Because Unreal Engine has such a huge amount of code, the basic Visual Studio intelliSense cannot keep up for the some reason. It has get better when running VS 2017 and Unreal Engine 4.15, but still, sometimes compiling times and IntelliSense takes long time to load.

What i recommend is you to buy the Visual Assist Plugin for the Visual Studio from Whole Tomato. . If you are student, you can get it for reduced price. Of course, this is an optional plugin, but it helps a lot when doing stuff inside the C++ editor.


About Blueprints and C++

Unreal Engine is a very powerful Engine that runs with C++. If you have only used the Blueprints, you may learned to be too careless with all the pointers and data you are using because Blueprints are automatically safe checking them. When working with the C++, it is crucial that you always check that the pointer is empty before trying to get something from it! If you don't, the whole engine will crash, leaving you to stare the error reporting.

Same thing goes with everything. Example, if you have an array. Always check that the array is not empty when trying to get something from it. If you are getting something from a empty array element, again the whole editor will crash! We are working with the pure code, so there isn't any safe checks, unlike when you are working with blueprints!

So, always double check your code before running the game, if you want to be sure!