About Dystopia

Dystopia is an Action / Puzzle game created specifically for VR devices. In Dystopia, the player takes the role of 'Subject 157'. In near future the robots have become self-aware and dangerous. Resistance is the humanity's only hope and you are an important part of it. In the safe-zone, as known as the 'ARK', the player can interact with their environment and discover what happened - when did everything go horribly wrong? ARK serves as a hub between the missions. Before each mission, the player can upgrade and equip the weapons of their choice.

Beware, the missions will vary a lot and sometimes different strategies are needed for completing the levels with perfect score. The score is crucial, because it is the way to unlock more missions. So say farewell to your family, join the resistance, come to ARK and defend the mankind!

What Dystopia Offers to you?

  • Every single item is driven by physics
  • Hundred levels to toy with
  • Twenty weapons with additional upgrade slots and secondary firing more
  • Most advanced physics up to date
  • Real-time dynamic shadows.
  • Ability to change the quality level (from low end cards to Titan X performance)
  • Funny and interesting plot to unravel
  • Lots of Easter eggs to discover

Room Scale / Standing | 180 / 360

Do you have the space and want Room Scale in all it's glory? Then you are in luck! Dystopia supports full 360-degree Room Scale, built from the ground up. Don't have enough space? Don't worry! Dystopia is designed in a way that players don't necessarily have to turn around physically. They can use the buttons to artificially rotate in 20 degree steps. Movement is still very smooth and works naturally while playing.

Check out Dystopia gameplay video!