About Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash (code name) is a Puzzle Game inspired hugely by a game called Supaplex, released in early 90s. The idea of Diamond Dash is similar to Boulder Dash / Supaplex. The player needs to collect enough diamonds found in a level for unlocking the exit and then make their way into it. Along the way, there are different types of deadly traps and enemies that will kill the player instantly, if they get near enough.

Diamond Dash is a 2.5D, meaning that there are both 2D and 3D elements mixed together. That makes the game feel similar to the old classics, but at the same time, they also feel fresh and modern. As the player makes progress in the game, the level themes change too. Some levels are, for example, inside a dark cave and some are in an icy and chilly winterland, or perhaps inside a deep jungle. Enemy types change along the themes.

Multiplayer focused

Everybody loves multiplayer games! Because of that, Diamond dash has been designed to be a multiplayer game from the beginning. Up to four players can get together and beat the levels as one. There is even a specific game mode where every level is designed for two or more people. Players need to rely on the help of the fellow players to complete the levels. You can host the game and wait for help, or you can join in an existing game and help others. Of course, single player mode can be chosen as well.

Character selection

Isn't it boring, when every player looks the same? Diamond Dash has a character selection. There is wide variety of funny characters to choose from. Are you going to be an Indiana Jones type of character or do you feel like a caveman? Choice is yours.

Check out Diamond Dash gameplay video!