About me

11412118_858859154188413_2461108194207064189_nMy name is Juha Ojala. I am a gamer, programmer, tech freak and Virtual Reality enthusiastic. I have loved video games ever since I was just a little kid. Even today, the passion persists! As I have grown older, the only difference is that I also love to create videogames for other people to enjoy. I have studied software engineering in the University of Applied Sciences in Seinäjoki. While in there I stumbled upon the the Unreal Engine and I got excited at the very moment.

As my skills with the Engine increased I started to create all kinds of prototypes. You can check them in the Projects tab. You may notice that the games are of all kinds of genres. That's because I love to create and test different methods of how game logic can be build, and to learn more about the Engine while doing so.

Currently, there is no game genre I haven't used with the Engine and because of that, I am familiar with 2D games, 3D games, top-down games, mobile games, multiplayer games and Virtual Reality games. While creating stuff, I also gained basic knowledge of shaders, particles and animations.


Powered by Unreal Engine

logoHere is some info about the Engine I am using. Unreal Engine allows developers to bring out the best visuals and most advanced physics you can possible imagine. The Engine is updated constantly, and Epic publishes live training streams every week to keep the developers updated about new features. That is one of the reasons I like the Engine. Besides the programming, their editor brings you very powerful tools for creating AI, animations, particles, shaders and cinematic scenes. If, for some reason, you hate typing, Unreal Engine provides you Visual Scripting tool called Blueprints. It allows you to create almost any type of game without writing a single line of code. How cool is that?

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