Gamification applications are growing

Posted on Posted in Virtual Reality

Gamification is about using game design elements in non-game applications to improve the user engagement. The concept of gamification can be used on almost every currently existing business process or information system. If gamification is used correctly, it can greatly increase students' learning curve or employee productivity in work, for example when designing something.

So, how does the gamification actually work? Gamification applications can be created using the same tools as you would use when creating any other video games. This gives huge job opportunities to game developers and gaming companies. Because the gamification applications are somewhat different than your everyday games, it gives an opportunity for developers to create something new! 

By combining gamification and Virtual Reality, things can get really interesting! How cool does it sound to learn human anatomy by actually being inside a human body, as one of the White Blood Cells while attacking the bacteria? Or how about taking a virtual tour in a space station and learn how astronauts live or what they do in there? Or what if you were buying a property and could go inside your future home before it is built? All this and much, much more can be achieved by gamification. 



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